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1. How do I earn TLC Points with my Tucker’s Loyalty Club Card?
Every time you dine at Tucker’s Marketplace, you earn 1 TLC Point for every 1 dollar that you spend on food and beverage purchases. Simply present your TLC card at time of payment. Your food and beverage purchases will be automatically credited to your account within 48 hours. Please note that TLC Points are not earned on taxes, gratuities and gift certificate purchases.
2. How do I activate my TLC card so that I may begin earning TLC Points toward TLC Dining Rewards?
Visit us on-line at and just follow the TLC links and prompts to activate your TLC card.
3. Can I earn TLC Points on the day I activate my TLC card?
Yes, once your TLC Card is activated, you may begin earning TLC Points immediately.
4. How do I earn my ”Many Happy Returns” Reward?
Visit Tucker’s Marketplace twice within 30 days of enrollment and we will credit your account with a $10 “Many Happy Returns” Bonus Reward.
5. What if I forget to present my Tucker’s Loyalty Club card and I want to earn credit for the transaction?
You can mail or fax your guest receipt along with a note containing your TLC membership number and relevant contact information to us at:

Newgen Restaurant Services Inc.
123 Rexdale Boulevard
P.O. Box 30225
Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 0B1
Fax: (416) 751-8731

6. How do I redeem my TLC Points for TLC Dining Rewards?
Once you’ve earned enough points for a TLC Dining Reward, you must request your Reward online at Click on the TLC link, log in to your account and click on the Request Reward link.
You may then redeem your Dining Reward for food and beverages at any Tucker’s Marketplace restaurant. Certain restrictions apply. Please see TLC Terms and Conditions.

When requesting the Party for Ten Reward, a Party of Ten Certificate will be sent to you from our Corporate Office via Canada Post.  Once you receive the Party for Ten Certificate, you must call the Tucker’s Marketplace location where you wish to attend to make reservations. When making your reservation, please inform the manager that you will be using your Party for Ten Dining Reward.

7. Can I earn Tucker’s Loyalty Club Points for a large party?
Of course, but you must be an active TLC member before you reserve your party. Hosting a large party is a great way to accumulate points. You will receive points for the food and beverage total of your purchases, however, certain restrictions apply. Please refer to TLC card Program Terms & Conditions.
8. Can I manage my account on-line?
Yes. Just go to, click on the TLC link, then click on Log In to view and manage your account.
9. What do I need in order to log in to my account?
All that you need is your email address and your password.
10. How long do I have to accumulate TLC Points?
Points are accumulated between January 1st and December 31st of each calendar year. However, new members receive the benefit of being able to accumulate points from the date they activate their cards to December 31st and additionally from January 1st to December 31st of the following year.
11. What happens to my TLC Points at the end of the calendar year?
If you have earned at least one TLC Dining Reward and/or 150 TLC Points in the calendar year, any unredeemed TLC Points remaining in your account at the end of the year will carry over to the following year.
If you do not earn at least 150 TLC Points in a calendar year, your TLC Points will be forfeited at year’s end. Unredeemed TLC Dining Rewards earned during the calendar year carry over from one year to the next. However, in the event that a TLC Membership becomes dormant for a period of one year, TLC Dining Rewards and Points will be forfeited.
12. Can I earn Tucker’s Loyalty Club Points when someone else at my table pays the bill?
Unfortunately not. TLC Points are earned only when you pay the bill.
13. How do I take advantage of Priority Reservations?
When you reserve, please let us know that you are a TLC Member, provide us with your TLC Membership number and we’ll offer you the best seating times available at the time of your call. To expedite your reservation, please have your TLC membership number readily available.
14. What if I have a question about the Tucker’s Loyalty Card and/or my membership?
If our FAQ section does not answer a question that you would like to ask of us, you may contact us via e-mail through the link provided on our TLC web page. Please include your TLC membership number and relevant contact information along with your question.
15. What if I don’t have an e-mail address?
Unfortunately, you must have access to an e-mail address in order to activate your card. Additionally, an e-mail address allows us to update you about seasonal programs, Members Only promotions and events as well as new and changing TLC features.
16. Why am I not receiving any e-mails from Tucker’s?
In all likelihood, your e-mail provider has mistaken our e-mails for junk mail. To be sure that you receive our e-mails, please add to your e-mail address book.