The Foods You Love

One of the most frequently asked questions we’re asked by guests is how we come up with our menus for Lunch, Dinner and Brunch. Our answer is pretty simple. When we first began developing our plans for Tucker’s Marketplace, we made a list of the foods we thought we’d like to see if we were going out for a buffet meal. That was and still is the foundational idea that drives our menu development process. Additionally, from time to time, we survey our guests to learn what foods they’re interested in or curious about.

And we’ve never allowed ourselves to be constrained by what many perceive to be the “rules of buffet”. For example, when we started out, few, if any other buffets prepared food in small batches or fresh to order. Most everything was prepared out of view of the guest in large quantities, well before it was to be served. We chose to set that thinking aside, believing that it compromised food quality.

That’s why we hand-form and grill our burgers fresh-to-order at lunch and why we slice only quality yukon gold potatoes for our potato chips and prepare them just before you scoop them on to your plate. It’s why we stir fry your pad-thai noodles to order. And it’s why we strive to always have roast beef available that’s cooked just the way you like it…whether medium-rare or medium-well done.

So now you know. Our menus reflect us. And to the best of our abilities, we try to ensure that our menus reflect you; as if we were expecting you, asked for a list of the foods you love and prepared them all for the taking.