No Rules Sunday Brunch @ Tuckers

You know what we love about Sundays? There are No Rules!

You can sleep in, linger over your coffee, catch up on the week’s news, check in with friends…or bounce out of bed early, enjoy the serenity of church or go off on a long, lazy bike ride in the country. And most of all…what we love about Sundays is Brunch!

At Tucker’s, Sunday Brunch is about warm from the oven croissants, muffins and sticky cinnamon buns, made-to-order omelettes and crepes, signature salads and soups, hand-carved roast beef, sugar-glazed ham, griddle french toast, fluffy waffles, oven roasted chicken, steamed mussels, pizzas topped with soft scrambled eggs and bacon, cheesecake, chocolate mousse, creme brule…

And it doesn’t matter which comes first…the chicken, the eggs or a strawberry shortcake crepe. Because on Sundays…there are no rules!.